Our Services


We provide specialist legal services in relation to employment law both for employers and employees including redundancy, unfair dismissals, payment of wages, equality claims and working time claims.

For all of our corporate clients we always try to impress on them the importance of having proper employment documentation in place.  Every business that employs a staff of one or more must have a contract of employment in place for each and every employee.  We can offer a tailor made package to include simple contracts of employment right up to fully inclusive employment handbooks, together with job specific contracts.  Relying on our experience in this field we have developed tailor made employment handbooks for our clients to include detailing all workplace procedures which are necessary in the modern working environment.  A reasonably small investment in ensuring that all documentation is up to date and correct can save a business time and money when it comes to dealing with employees in the future.

We consistently and repeatedly remind our clients the importance of updating all documentation to deal with issues as they arise.  We like to say the more we get to know a client’s business the less money they ultimately spend on legal services and claims and the more time they have to concentrate on their business.

Last year the Rights Commissioner Service alone received over 16,000 claims issued by employees against their employer.  This is a jump from approximately 1,000 claims in 2009.  Ensuring that your company or business is compliant with employment legislation and requirements will ultimately save your business from unnecessary claims.