Our Services


We have an experienced team which deals with all types of litigation including injuries suffered by individuals whether at work or in a road traffic accident.  We advise clients from the very start of the claim right through to the conclusion of court proceedings, if required.  Many people are injured every year at work or on the road and they may not initially understand  the importance of initiating a claim as soon as possible.

Time Limit

It is most important to note that the statute of limitations in relation to personal injuries is two years from the date of the injury or the date that the individual became aware that they suffered an injury.  It is most important and imperative that a claim be made before the expiration of the two year period.

Grant & Company has acted in numerous high profile large commercial cases.  We have utilised our experience where appropriate to negotiate excellent settlements for our clients where costs have been a concern.  It is our view that if a case can be settled economically and save the client costs and time spend preparing for a case then we will advise the client accordingly.

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