Our Services

Property Transactions

It is our firm’s philosophy that whether we are acting for the purchaser or the seller of a property that the transaction is moved along as quickly and as efficiently as is possible under the circumstances.  From our firm’s vast experience in this area we understand that clients initially are concerned with the cost and the time required to complete a transaction.  At our initial consultation with the client we like to set out exactly the procedure involved and the likely costs.

Areas that we specialise in are:-

  • Buying and selling residential and commercial property
  • Leasing commercial property as landlord or tenant
  • Acting on behalf of the landowner in a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) situation
  • Re-mortgaging / charging of lands whether it be for residential or commercial purposes
  • Transfers between husband and wife or parent and child
  • Advices on Stamp Duty and other property related charges.